Lifestyle and Diet Modifications with PCOS

You must be well aware now what is PCOS and all the main symptoms of it but there are also other health challenges,such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, depression, increased risk of endometrial cancer etc.

So now what? How am gonna deal with it? Here’s a good news as some researches suggests that few modifications with our lifestyle can do wonders.

By lifestyle, am only uplifting the “Art of Healthy Habits” among us, which is laid on the foundation of diet and excercise – an important aspect to manage PCOS.

Have you ever considered that our whole body is a byproduct of what we eat and it reflects in our personality. Many times we heard -“What we eat, we become”.So kindly prioritise the eating pattern rather settle on the scariest dieting approaches. No doubt, the most extreme diets to loose weight actually does work initially. But my friends, many studies also suggests that 80-90% of people loosing weight on extreme diets, regain the weight again within 1-3 years.

So, can’t for our own sake we can set up the goal : Eating well, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight” which can improve PCOS.

Here are some strategies to ease down the PCOS:

a)There are two primary ways that diet affects PCOS i.e : insulin- production & resistance and weight management. I believe that by managing insulin levels with a PCOS diet one can turn it around and here are the approaches :

  • Fibre rich foods: The insulin levels in our blood goes up after we eat, more specifically it goes up the most after we eat or drink something that contains carbohydrates. Now you gonna say, no carbs in diet?. Please understand not all carbohydrates are same, each have different effect on insulin level. For PCOS,the highly fibre enriched carbohydrate foods are beneficial eg: whole grains cereals, fruits(opt fruits with skin), vegetables etc.
  • A low glycemic diet: Don’t stress what is “glycemic index diet”, it is based on the concept of glycemic index(GI) which simply describes how a food affects sugar.So our aim is to choose the foods which doesn’t elevate our sugar level eg: whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, starchy vegetables, chicken etc.
  • An anti-inflammatory diet: It simply means avoid the food that cause “inflammation”. Understand, inflammation is triggered whenever the system detects an enemy- anything from a slight contusion to an allergic reaction (from the pollens or the food). But pals, be careful from these insidious “artful crooks” that triggers the inflammation everyday. Now imagine, when we take such foods diurnally, it simply results into weight gain, drowsiness, skin problems, digestive issue etc. So avoid such pleasing foods like: bakery items, sugar, soda, potato chips, fried foods, refined flour, artificial sweeteners and additives etc.

b)Another major aspect is physical activeness.We can simply start from 20-25 min of exercise.There are many resources available on various online apps. It will be beneficial if I start revealing,you will be amazed and few of them are like: heart health, weight loss, stress reduction, mood booster, increase energy and productivity etc.

PCOS diet and nutrition tips:

  • Slowly replace your one meal of a day with different combinations of wheat rotis in the ratio of 50:50 in the beginning and then gradually fix the ratio according to your body. You can combine the wheat with different grains (like:barley, bajra, ragi, oats etc) or with vegetable (like:carrot, beetroot, bottle gourd, pumpkin etc).Through this body gets optimum fibre and minerals.
  • I know we love rice in our diet but for healthy reasons we can again bring the same approach like above by amalgamation of rices i.e brown rice and white rice in 50:50 proportion and then slowly shift to brown rice as a major ingredient.
  • Avoid taking sugary foods. But never ever deprive your body with anything. So for this I will always suggest to use unprocessed sugar in the form of jaggery, coconut sugar, brown sugar. See many researches tells us “the dark effects of sugar”and whatever form of it we cosume it still means the same, but by these modifications we can at least give our body some nutrients which a whole sugar can’t.
  • Stop using the processed food, packaged items, snacks etc. They are not healthy for anyone. A simple example:opt your home made curd over packaged yogurt, fox nuts, roasted Channa, peanuts, puff rice over packed chips, cookies, mixtures etc.
  • Eat atleast 1-2 fruits in a day as a snack.This engulfs us with a feeling of fullness due to its higher fibre content and henceforth fulfilling our cravings. Avoid the fruit juices as they are rich in simple sugar.
  • Make a habit of eating green leafy vegetables which again provide good content of fibre which helps in controlling serum cholesterol and aid in weight loss.
  • Incooperate low fat dairy products, egg whites, pulses, legumes and omega 3 fatty rich foods as it lowers the testosterone level, regulate ovulation cycle and balance the weight.
  • Include antioxidant rich foods like: tomatoes, oranges, berries, walnuts, broccoli, cabbage, eggs, green tea, spinach etc.
  • Don’t ever skip your meal.This is a fact – if you skip the meal then instead of shedding the fat, body gain the weight. Instead include 5-6 small portions of meal per day, this gonna prevent the sugar release and insulin gush in the body.

These are few modifications to beat PCOS. My aim is to bring this thing in notice that don’t completely restrict yourself with any food because through this you’re not gonna vanquish the PCOS but inclining towards nutrient deficiency.

Instead regularise your eating pattern with good PCOS diet and pairing it up with the regular excercise. Again at last I wanna remind you that “women’s are the most beautiful creation of the god”so we should also attend ourself by doing selfless love because it is not selfish to “love or prioritise” yourself but it’s a necessity.

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