Part 2: Watch your Hormones

We all perceived the consequential impact of Hormones on our health and also acquaint the aftermath when these chemicals get heaved out of thwack. So now What??

Now unequivocally we unearth the ways to Balance them. Myriads of us will go for medications and few will pin ones hopes on hormone replacement therapies with loadsa advices from all over the society. But still dazed, as might be these stratagems are not fully efficacious. Right!

Here I wanna ask one thing to everyone – “ How much farther do we ween about this concern apart from medications”. The fact is we often don’t think to turn our food, our healthy lifestyle approaches as a remedy in our journey.

Please, understand this, that the food affects the production and secretion of our Hormones. You might be surprised to know that not only it’s composition but it’s texture, quantity and duration also plays a major role. Beside this our physical affair and lifestyle pattern also helps in combating our stress and boost our Hormones.

So lets broaden our learning of Hormonal balance by dint of knowing our food with the essence of physical activity together with the lifestyle attitudes.

1. Eating approaches by knowing our food:

A) Foods to embrace in our diet

Protein rich foods : Proteins has many roles from repairing and building our body tissues to the metabolic reactions that take place in our body. Many researches have shown that eating protein, decreases the levels of our hunger hormone “Ghrelin” and stimulates the production of hormone “Leptin” that helps us to feel full.

In addition to it they also tend to produce specific hormone, i.e Insulin and Growth hormone. So consuming an adequate amount of protein rich diet is extremely valuable. It is estimated that normally one should take at least 10 – 15% of protein of the total calories in their diet.

We can include it in any clean form, like: Beans, seeds, quinoa, lentils, broken wheat, organic pastures- eggs, chicken etc.

Complex carbohydrates: Carbs are also equally important as they are the main source of energy. Many people suggest to take carbohydrates deficient diets deliberately believing that by taking carbs enriched diet their body retaliate in a similar way while consuming sweet stuffs but according to me this concept isn’t totally bonafide.

I agree with these reactions but the main evil-doers are our refined, processed carbs which digests faster and spike our blood sugar thus messing with our moods and stress ; not the complex carbs which includes: our whole grains, low glycemic fruits, beans, starchy vegetables- sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, butter nut squash etc.

These good carbs help in making the sex steroid hormones, feel good hormone- serotonin and it’s been estimated that a normal person should take at least 45 – 60% of carbohydrates of the total calories in their diet. See these values are fixed according to the state of an individual.

Healthy fats: This class of nutrient horrified us but let me tell you they are equally important for our body as they store the energy, insulate us, protect our vital organs. Even our hormones are produced from fats and cholesterol but we tend to ignore them. Try to optimise its intake as they help in reducing insulin resistance, appetite and are beneficial for our hormone products. Furthermore the dietary reference intake for fat in adults is 20 to 35% of the total calories.

See anything which we take in moderation never harms us and we don’t understand this simple concept. So try to incorporate them in healthier ways, like: nuts, seeds, omega3 and omega-6 fatty acids, avocado, coconut oil, butter, olive oilin short take more advantage from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and avoid unhealthy trans fats which promote insulin resistance and increase the storage of belly fat.

Leafy green and root vegetables: They are fully loaded with vitamins and minerals and keep our hormone healthy and balanced. Try to include the antioxidant rich vegetables which are vital for neutralising free radicals damage triggered by oxidation stress like: spinach, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrot, starchy veggies etc

There are few veggies which one should take in moderation during thyroid related problems eg: cruciferous veggiesbroccoli, cauliflower etc as it can lead to Hypothyroidism or even iodine deficiency.

Vitamins: They play an effective role in supporting and balancing the healthy hormone production in our body eg: vitamin D participate in regulating insulin and thyroid hormones, vitamin B6 helps in alleviating some of the symptoms of PMS, vitamin E reduces stress through its natural antioxidant property, vitamin Niacin helps to relax us and provide more restful night sleep.

Eat probiotic and prebiotic: Our gut is the largest endocrine organ in the body and synthesise more than 20 hormones that play a major role in appetite, satiety and metabolism. So we have to boost our gut system by incorporating probiotics (such as: fermented food, curd, yoghurt etc) and prebiotic (such as: bananas, oats, apples, almonds, raw garlic).

Don’t confuse yourself with probiotic and prebiotic, the former one are the foods that contain live microorganisms intended to improve our good bacteria in the digestive system while the latter ones are the high fibre foods that act as food for the good bacteria.

B) Foods to limit intake: In order to balance our hormones we should always remain away from hormone disrupters like: sugary treats, refined and processed food, non- organic food, dairy items, caffeine, soya products, alcohol etc .

2. Active lifestyle approaches: Key to balancing hormones is boosting up our physical activity levels. It enhances our quality of life, combating our stress and keep cortisol levels check. Not only this, healthy dose of activity elevate our estrogen levels which can help to take the edge off of menopause symptoms, increases our dopamine levels in the brain, release serotonin which promotes good night rest and even impact poor mood, social behaviour.

What more we want now, so engage in any type of physical activity, be it yoga, brisk walk, gardening, biking, jogging, dance, aerobics, strength training, cardio – I mean any activity that keeps us on feet and moving will help us to maintain a good balance.

3. Other life style approaches:

  • Listen to your bodies. Try to Cognize what food our body loves and what it rejects. Once we get in this practice we can create daily eating habits that work best for us.
  • Stay away from negativity and the creators of it.
  • Love yourself, respect your body by prioritising your time over others.
  • Do some meditation, it helps us to remain in present, spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore our calmness and inner peace.
  • Practice gratitude for every moment of despair and worry, everyday remind yourself what you are grateful for.
  • Get adequate amount of good quality sleep.
  • Drink water and get some sunlight because we are like houseplants with complicated emotions.
  • Don’t allow others to guilt or manipulate you into doing things in which you are not comfortable with.
  • Stand up for yourself and voice your opinions with confidence.

Point to be taken : My whole aim to bring these talks into notice is to avoid ignorance on shunning our health and it’s underlying emotions. If something is freting you then shoot the breeze with anyone you found comfy with.

The actual problem with women’s is that they easily overlook themselves but abide by responsibilities for others without holding up. Understand this, you cannot make the whole world happy around you, so love yourself first because if you are happy then only you can make others happy.

Don’t hold yourself responsible for the things beyond control. Nurture yourself by taking a well balanced diet, get crafty, engage yourself in physical activities with good company of people and spend time with yourself.

11 thoughts on “Part 2: Watch your Hormones

  1. Excellent advise, Mehak. You have explained the basics of healthy diet and how it affects our body in a very clean and simple language. This information really helps is to understand how simple modifications in our diet can help us live a better and healthy life style.


  2. Very nicely written article, in present life style we must adopt it, so that we stay heathy and fit .
    Thank you Mehak for such useful information.


  3. Very nicely written article, in present life style we must adopt it, so that we stay heathy and fit .
    Thank you Mehak for such useful information.


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