Mental Health

Many of us presume that Mental Health and Emotional Health are selfsame. Both are discrete in their own. WHO defines Mental Health-“a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. It simply enables the Individual to use their abilities in Harmony with universal values of society.

But we should hat tip our esteemed society to make it knotty, like- if we get a wind that an individual is enduring from any type of Mental health related issue we even handedly elucidate them as a “real screwballs” and enkindle them to remain in the ferocious cycle of shame, suffering, anxiety, isolation and so much.

Not only this we humans forged this affair so damn blood-curdling that it adulate as a “taboo subject”- I don’t know why? Do we know that our superfluous shrewdness and discriminations are often the reason why many choose to suffer in silence. It makes their problem more lamentable and they starts inkling infamy to open up their feelings by reckoning “log Kya Kahenge” as they might even not get acknowledged by their families too and then starts alienated from everyone and lead their life in diffidence that whether they will exterminate from their suffering and anew a normal life or sometime they distrust themselves which leads into some break-neck self mutilation practices.

Many findings say, that people who have experienced any type of Mental health issues decide not to seek professional help.

I think we should smash these stigma because mankind inevitably comprehend this issue in a gloomy way. I mean each one of us has lay hold of approaches towards our physical health, everyone one of us following that fad diets or keto diets, organic products, etc and always seek a medical advice but when comes to mental health every one remain hushed and ignore it-Why?

Please understand that Mental illness is just like any other illness and just needs a patient approach and a treatment from a qualified professional- Simple ! We privately made it tortuous by being bereft of from awareness to take it normally. Understand with cognisance, we can talk about it without any fear of being judged. Mental Health awareness is the utmost salient talk in today’s culture which is based on acceptance and love rather than judgement and shame.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is not a kin to mental illness but the story is over and above. It can affect anyone as it doesn’t differentiate in caste, creed , colour, gender, age. We have to embrace that no one is Immune to stress, anxiety, depression but our realisation towards it impacts them a lot. So, Mental Health includes:

  • Cognitive Health ( ability to learn, concentration, logic etc)
  • Emotional Health ( ability to express, manage, range emotions)
  • Psychological Health ( ability to adapt & respond life challenges)
  • Social Health ( to form and maintain good relationships.

WHO revealed that 75% of Indian population suffers from Mental Health issues.

Facets of Mental Health:

  • Life experiences-Individual attributes like: ability to manage ones thought, behaviour, Social, cultural factors, environmental factors, poverty, working conditions etc.

  • Biological factors- genetic defects.

  • Family Histories of Mental Health related issues.
  • Stigmas to be normal, to behave as per others, to live life as per others who are actively melodramatic etc.

WHO says “stigma, discrimination and neglect- prevent care and treatment from reaching people with Mental disorders” .

Leading strains of Mental Health Issues:

There are so many issues related to it but I am covering some major to make them glanceable:

1) Mood disorders : It simply means that our emotional state is distorted with state of affairs and interferes with our potential eg: Depression– ( Low mood, lack of motivation, change in sleep patterns, difficulty in concentration, feeling of worthless- it is often numb than sadness), Bipolar Disorder causes extreme mood changes that effects our daily life- ( feeling high, extremely happy or irritable, inflated self esteem, easily distracted by any stimuli, unrealistic plans- it sometimes refers to maniac depression).

2) Anxiety : In this person feels anxious on most days, keep worrying about lots of stuffs, eg: Panic Disorders, Obsessive compulsion disorder, Post traumatic stress disorder, Separation anxiety disorder, Phobia related disorder with feel of nervousness, weakness , tiredness, sleeplessness, stomach aches etc.

3) Schizophrenia : It affects people’s thoughts, perceptions, behaviour etc. They don’t have split personalities but yeah small average might get violent and do have high rates of suicidal thoughts and much more- ( like : Delusions, Hallucinations, Confused thoughts, lack of motivation etc). Researches say that now it is more treatable and getting an early help can possibly make situation better of the sufferer.

4) Dementia : It affects an individual with deterioration in ability to process thoughts. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculations, language etc. There are many types of it which ranges from it severeness- Alzheimer’s disease, Behavioural variant fronts temporal dementia, Lewy body dementia etc which results in forgetfulness, losing track of time, lost in familiar place, forgets people names, increasing difficulty in walking, making communication and so on.

5) Autism : It is a complex, live long developmental disorder and appears during early childhood. Its symptoms varies among varied beings- ( like : child speaks later than typical or not at all, repetition in language or movement, unvarying pattern of daily activities etc).

6) Huntington’s Disease : It is the form of another cognitive disorders which affects movement and cognitions of sufferers.

7) Parkinson’s Disease : It is characterised by movement difficulties levels of rigidity, slowing of movement and difficulty in making a limb follow commands.

8) Eating Disorder : It is a mental health condition that involves unhealthy broodings with eating, body shapes. In short eating makes the person anxious and guilty, eg- Bulimia nervous( people with this issue have frequent eating binges often in secret and then they get rid of food through vomiting, laxatives, pills, etc), Anorexia nervosa( people with this are in fear of putting up weight and have distorted body image).

Depressive disorders are already the 4th leading cause of the global disease burden. They are expected to rank 2nd by 2020.

These are just a scanty of issues which muck in to aware us so that we espy the Mental Health similar to Physical Health because this might improve the quality of life for those who are suffering from it.

Men’s Mental Health also important:

Men’s also cope down with lot of emotions, handling lot of situations. Understand, it is not any debate between who’s is superior or whose burden is more, it is a broad spectrum which is justly valuable for wide diversities of human being. So men’s mental health is just as important as women’s, we all are equal here.

Researches say that, depression and suicide are the leading cause of death among men but still they are less likely to seek Mental Health treatment than women.

What’s Bothering them:

# Our society pressures. From very early age they are taught not to cry, to be tough, to crack on, manage livelihood, work pressures and all those things which trace their “masculinity”.

# It’s completely wrong to say that they are not the sufferers of traditional methodologies, see exceptional cases are always there. If they want to remove these obstacles people will start giving them tag lines.

# They are discouraged from letting anyone know they also need help.

# They often experience stress but don’t know how to initiate the conversation ,as they might face shame and guilt in doing so.

Men’s with depression hide their emotions and may seem angry, irritable, aggressive.

I think it’s completely our responsibility to change their perception of not seeking help and encourage them to speak up their emotions with anyone they found comfort with, it can ease them down, as men’s play an important part in our lives – fathers, brothers, husband, friends. Understand emotions have no gender to express but yeah there are number of wonderful options available that can help but you need to initiate. It’s my plea to everyone who is flicking through here, please express your emotions don’t stock pile them.

Main purport:

We have to understand that “Mental Health begs attention” and yes there is a hope of curing it , if we don’t hide our emotions and tend to suffer in silence. It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves and create awareness so that one should always think before judging the sufferers who are already battling this phenomenon in their lives. Not only this we should revert back to the people who pass any stereotypical comments to them. Let’s together end this Mental Health Discrimination. It’s time to change our mentality towards it. Don’t be ashamed of your story, you never know it might inspire others.

6 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. people do lots of things to remain physically fit forgetting about the fact that mental health is the core . Body shape does not indicate good health.Surely mental health is much more important than that.

    Keep it up 👍


  2. Nicely narrated & very good approach, mental health is very important subject needs to be talked .My good wishes to you it will be more convient if you elobrate in simple english words &more understandable to common man.


  3. Whoul like to read more as first time l m going through something based on mental health of men. In this pandemic it is an important topic to be discussed.


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